Friday, 3 February 2012


I am ill. Very, very ill and it's been this way for 5 days straight. Enjoying my lazy day in bed though.

Monday, 17 October 2011

Snake print

Dress - H&M £20, Wedges - Garage shoes £25
- I woke up to my boyfriend telling me that every time I stay at his house he gets nightmares. Of people and things trying to kill him. I must project terrible things. He never gets nightmares, and the first time I stayed there he actually woke up screaming and I was scared myself.
-I've been very, very bored tonight. All I've done is an English essay. Actually, half done. Which means I will have to do the rest on wednesday, sigh.
- I have an interview tomorrow at Clinton Cards, and if they don't want me, I'm going to give up on life.
- I have nothing else, which could be slightly interesting, to say.

Saturday, 15 October 2011

Leopard print

Decided to paint my nails leopard print because I was bored. Shame that I bit them and they look like stumps. I also had to improvise with colours (pink/orange?!) but ah well.
I'm about to go meet my boyfriend in town, do some cheap shopping and then go back to his and cook the best dinner ever. I can't wait!

New things

New things
Burgundy jumper - H&M £10, Green jumper - H&M £20, Snake print dress - H&M £20, Backpack - Topshop £40, Shoes - River Island £40
It's been ages since I posted and I feel really bad. I'm such a forgetful person that I actually scare myself. These are some of the things I have bought since I last posted. The brown related things are filling my wardrobe, I must stop!!!

Sunday, 21 August 2011

Catching up

I have had this for a couple of days and already I'm falling behind on keeping up with the updates, even though no one reads this. These are some of the pictures from the last couple of days...

1. Crochet top - H&M £19, Pink skirt - Ark £17, Shoes - River Island £40.
2. Dress - H&M £13, Shoes - Ebay £25,
3. Dress - H&M £15, Shoes - Garage shoes £25
4. Dress - Topshop £38, Shoes - Garage shoes £25

Friday, 19 August 2011

My morning

White crochet waist dress - Topshop £34, Black wedges - Garage shoes £25

I always wake up early so you could say my mornings are quite productive... I got up wanting to look through old clothes in my wardrobe so I could make some space for new things. It didn't work. I just can't part with anything that I once bought, I even hide the ugly things at the back. I just feel mean if I throw stuff out. Then I spent 2 hours reading, tidying my room and drinking the best tea ever - Caramel tea, and eating my favourite breakfast. Because I'm a loser, I honestly wanted to cry yesterday when I ran out. It even looks pretty.
I'm going to my boyfriend's house later and he is making us dinner, which I'm excited for because I've missed him when he went out last night to celebrate his A level results. ABB. I'm so proud of my little nerd :')