Friday, 19 August 2011

My morning

White crochet waist dress - Topshop £34, Black wedges - Garage shoes £25

I always wake up early so you could say my mornings are quite productive... I got up wanting to look through old clothes in my wardrobe so I could make some space for new things. It didn't work. I just can't part with anything that I once bought, I even hide the ugly things at the back. I just feel mean if I throw stuff out. Then I spent 2 hours reading, tidying my room and drinking the best tea ever - Caramel tea, and eating my favourite breakfast. Because I'm a loser, I honestly wanted to cry yesterday when I ran out. It even looks pretty.
I'm going to my boyfriend's house later and he is making us dinner, which I'm excited for because I've missed him when he went out last night to celebrate his A level results. ABB. I'm so proud of my little nerd :')