Monday, 17 October 2011

Snake print

Dress - H&M £20, Wedges - Garage shoes £25
- I woke up to my boyfriend telling me that every time I stay at his house he gets nightmares. Of people and things trying to kill him. I must project terrible things. He never gets nightmares, and the first time I stayed there he actually woke up screaming and I was scared myself.
-I've been very, very bored tonight. All I've done is an English essay. Actually, half done. Which means I will have to do the rest on wednesday, sigh.
- I have an interview tomorrow at Clinton Cards, and if they don't want me, I'm going to give up on life.
- I have nothing else, which could be slightly interesting, to say.


  1. so dandy!!

  2. Great blog :) saw u on lookbook and hyped your latest look. kisses!

  3. Beautiful, I am so jealous of you figure/face/hair.
    Oh my God, Clinton cards man. I applied to them twice and got rejected and I was like right, where's euthanasia legal again? And then I finally got a job somewhere else and my boss told me there was drama going on because the guy they ended up hiring was getting done for abusing disabled people. Insane. Good luck anyway! Love your blog.

  4. Sounded like a stressful week, Gorgeous. Hope your Christmas holiday was a ton better, xx.

    te amo,

  5. You are so gorgeous! I love your dress.